Cultural Landmarks in Europe

Brandenburg GateEurope is a fascinating continent with an astonishingly rich and diverse cultural background. Each period in the history of Europe has left its mark on the monuments, architecture and the landscape of the continent. There is much, much more to Europe than the beaches of Spain, Italy and Southern France or even the shopping avenues of London, Paris and Milano. While these typical tourist spots can be very entertaining and make for fun and relaxing holidays, they don’t always contribute to the tourist’s knowledge or cultural understanding of the country they are in.

This website is aimed at those travellers who wish to discover the history of Europe and broaden their cultural repertoire, rather than simply relax at holiday resorts and make the same all inclusive booking every year.

If you really want to see the world and immerse yourself in European culture, then book your train tickets, grab a backpack with some comfortable clothes in it and put on your walking shoes, because the most interesting European cultural landmarks are spread across several countries and it may take a while to see them all. We have put together a list of the ten most interesting, beautiful landmarks for you that we think every true traveller should have been to at least once in their lives.

A trip across Europe doesn’t have to be expensive if you organize it well, because there are often Interrail train tickets with which you can travel in any country, and youth hostels tend to be very cheap if you can’t afford to stay at hotels. Of course, if you're a bit short of time and can only spare a few weeks, you can always choose to visit only a few of the landmarks presented on this website. For example, three of our landmarks are in Italy and two of those are in the same city, Rome. These can probably be visited even in just a single weekend. The Acropolis of Athens as well as the Basilica of Hagia Sophia are both in South Eastern Europe, so you can visit these during the same trip as well. And if you live in the UK, Stonehenge site should be just a train ride or two away. So, however little time you can make, you really have no excuse not to go on a short trip to broaden your horizons and gather experiences you will be able to tell your grandchildren about.