Red Square of Moscow

Red Square of MoscowThe Red Square is the central square of Moscow and is located between the Kremlin, the current official residence of the President, and the historic merchant quarter and today’s business quarter of Russia. The Kremlin was the official citadel of the royal family long before it served as a residence to the President, and the history of the Red Square is therefore exceptionally rich. The name of the square came about because the Russian word for ‘Red’ can also mean ‘Beautiful’, which was conveniently taken advantage of.

Surrounding the square, there are several monuments, all of which are of large enough significance for them to be interesting to any visitor. Firstly, there is Lenin’s mausoleum, in which rests the body of the former communist leader and founder of the Soviet Union. There is also the colourful Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which can be seen on many postcards sold in Moscow and marks the geometric centre of the city. Its architecture is very artistic and unusual, and its colours give it a very special touch that few other cathedrals have.

It was built in the sixteenth century already and may even be the most famous monument on the square, especially since it is so unique and cannot really be likened to any other building in Moscow or even Russia. Even Stalin, who was not afraid to make drastic changes to the country in order to implement his idea of an ideal regime, was taken aback at the idea of destroying Saint Basil’s Cathedral, or removing it from the Red Square. Another cathedral around the Square, built in a similar style but with a slightly more classic look and fewer colours, is the Kazan Cathedral. Another monument close to Red Square is the State Historical Museum, which has millions of objects related to Russian history. In fact, the entire museum displays over 4 million articles.

Finally, there is the Iberian Gate and Chapel, which leads from Red Square to the business district Kitai-gorod. Red Square is traditionally used for military parades and this is still the case today. In May, the annual Victory day parade is held, so if you can make it to Moscow then, witnessing this parade will add to your impressions of Moscow. Also, modern pop or rock concerts are regularly held on the Square, in case you wish to combine your experience of Russian history with more modern culture. Be careful when planning your trip to Moscow, as the city is expensive and there are often different prices for tourists and for Russians.